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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 12:35 PM EST

$70,000.00 Traffic Study

When this issue came up while I was Mayor, I opposed it. The engineering studies made in 2008 and 2009 plus the rejection of most options for the 74/54 intersection were proofs given for the waste of time and money this would be.


Well, Mayor Fleisch and Councimember Learnard continued to push for the study and was joined by Councilmember Ernst.

Even a greater disappointment was the reason for the push, being the Overlook proposed development at Line Creek. So much effort for the erroneous statement of Peachtree City needing an "upscale development." There is nothing unique or outstanding in this proposal. Nothing Peachtree City needs.


Thankfully, this all would have to be approved by GDOT before it can happen. I do not see that happening.


They say they want young familes in Peachtree City. Yet, every finding, locally and nationally, says young families struggle to buy a first home, many are moving back in with parents and the economy continues to disappoint.


Growth in Peachtree City has been virtually flat for years. We remain last place in affordability in the State. But their answer is to put yet more expanses on the residents.


Actions speak louder than words.


Folks, this isn't working.