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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 12:35 PM EST

Line Creek History - 2008 thru Now

With new people unaware of the history, reinvention by some with an agenda and other factors, a brief history of what has transpired at the Line Creek site is in order.

The CCD proposal was an election issue in 2007. In ran in opposition due to the impact the proposal would have on 54 and nearby homes.


At that time CCD had already submitted two traffic signal applications to GDOT. They were denied on both and informed Peachtree City had to submit the request before it would be considered. They were also told the proposal was in violation of regulations regarding minimum distances between curb cuts (turn lanes) and traffic lights.


In 2008 there were a lot of meetings on the subject and In the end the Special Use Permit was approved for three 50,000 sq' buildings plus some smaller ones. There was a Sunset Clause I pushed to be included. The vote was 3-2. My vote was, "no".


Back then, and even now, some keep trying to claim a Kohl's was part of the proposal. That is totally false. There was never anything but square footage proposed, never any specific tenants. If you doubt that, do an open records request at City Hall.


Yes, CCD comments made said a Kohl's wanted to go there, but there never was a single legal document provided to back that claim. You never approve something just on the word of mouth by anyone. Too often it has proven to not be what gets built, as the developer is not bound by verbal claims, only but written legal documents.


They also claimed Kohl's had never closed a store. A totally false claim as I found doing reseaching. They have also closed more stores, a full grocery chain and warehouses since then.


Fact is Kohl's had signed onto Fischer Crossing in 2007. They were already on the approved Plat for a 146,000 sq' store. The claimed size for Line Creek was 86,000 sq'.


Later, they cut the Fischer size in half and then canceled the development.


In 2009 Council approved submission of the Signal Application, again on a 3-2 vote. I voted against. There were over 600 emails telling Council not to approve it.


The Mayor at that time was Harold Logsdon. In the Mayoral campaign of 2013, he said he stood behind all the votes he made in office.


In the 2009 election, Vanessa Fleisch, Kim Learnard and Eric Imker ran for Council posts. I ran for Mayor. All of us ran opposing the traffic light approval in 2009.


In 2010 CCD came before us asking to increase the size of one 50,000 sq' box to 65,000 sq'. We unanimously voted, "no."


But, in 2011, Fleisch and Learnard flip flopped. Now they backed a traffic light, as I talked about in the $70,000.00 Traffic Study.


Learnard secretly met with the developer and drew up a Memorandum of Understanding for a development, including a light, without informing everyone on Council.


In discussions, when the MOU was revealed in a Council Meeting, she claimed in 2010 the developer requested a traffic light, which I produced Minutes showing never happened. CCD already had the permit from 2009. She also said it was a mistake to deny it.


When the Sunset Date for the permit was reached, GDOT called me immediately and asked if I wanted the permit rescinded. I said yes and it was immediately canceled, as GDOT wanted it gone.


Under Mayor Fleisch, when GDOT was approached about a new signal permit, they said do not submit one. That led to the traffic study attached to this article.


Currently, the new proposal for Line Creek has been approved, as has a new signal permit application, by Council. But, if you read the study, the light is not stand alone. It is part of a larger proposal that includes Planterra Way, Walmart entrance, MacDuff, etc.

Just like in 2009, there is no support for this. As well who is paying for it? Sure not GDOT.