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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:40 AM EST

Mass Transit, Another Push

There are those in the ARC who are determined to get Mass Transit, even if the Legislature has to mandate it.


In November 7, 2014 AJC, on page A1 there is an article on a new survey. In the following a closer look is taken to examine claims.


They open with it being the number 1 issue, implying a majority concern. Well, 24% is hardly a major concern with 76% not agreeing.


Then they say Mass Transit is the number 1 desired solution of the 24% without telling exactly how many. So, the bottom line number wanting Mass Transit is actually pretty small contrasted with everyone living in the ARC.


For Fayette, it really does not tell us anything about who wants Mass Transit. No one likes traffic congestion, but saying 25% see it as the main concern, meaning 75% do not.


Since the rest of the article dwells on Mass Transit, it makes it very clear Mass Transit was the agenda of the article.


So, when Chairman Steve Brown says the transit issue is laid to rest for Fayette, due to his work, don't believe him.