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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 12:35 PM EST

Information on MacDuff Parkway

I am seeing some confusion on the MacDuff Extension. There are some who do not understand how it will connect to 74, what is meant by traffic calming devices, etc.


Having had dealings with the development in 2008 and 2009, on Council, after it being annexed by another Council in 2007, I am familiar.


So, here is some material to either clear things up or add to the confusion.

Here is the approved site plan. It cannot be changed without a Council vote, review by the State and should go through the Planning Commission again.


To understand the impacts on 74 and related areas, read pages 58 through 63 of the plan.


Here it should be noted buying the right of way properties to contain the turn lanes, etc, off of 74, took several years to negotiate with the developer who owned it.


As for traffic calming, there will be three intersections with two way stop signs and an elevated pedestrian island. At the time of passage, residents of Centennial, etc, wanted more stop signs, speed bumps and low speed limits. GDOT said no. This was to be a by-pass to move traffic as quickly as possible.


GDOT also has stated, back then and last year, this could actually cause more traffic congestion, not less.


Personally, I cannot see this helping the residents of the MacDuff area. This will become as big a cut through as Planterra Way now is.


Nor will it help with east/west traffic. This will do nothing to reduce the traffic already backing up the Wyndham during rush hour.


The only real help is to give Coweta an alternative route to I-85. That is the Fischer Road connection.