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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 12:36 PM EST

Chaos on 54

UPDATED 8-8-2015


For those who have not seen what Council is planning and pursuing on 54 in Wilkesmoor, it is within this article.


When I talked to GDOT about adding ramps to 85 from Fischer Road, they liked it. They said it was a project they would dig into deeper after finishing the 74/85 intersection. That it would pull Coweta commuter traffic to Atlanta out of PTC.


Learnard, Fleisch and Imker would not get behind it. They even tried to say Coweta didn't want it so it would not happen.

Fact is GDOT is in control, not Coweta, and the  ARC also took a copy of my proposal.


But now Council supports the following proposal claiming it will help reduce congestion and help traffic flow.


Exactly how is adding another traffic light to 54 and 74, forcing traffic to turn onto 74 and then turn again to enter shopping centers, etc going to increase traffic flow and decrease congestion?


Making it even worse is GDOT added a crosswalk to the Green T for Line Creek, killing the continuous traffic claim.


All of this to add what they call an 'Upscale Development' to Line Creek. Which, in fact, is a Publix plus some other stores.

All located on the cliff they created called 'The Overlook.


Here is a map and article on what is in work.


Here is an enlargeable map.


Here is additional Chaos on 54 information.