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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:41 AM EST

Plan 2010 and Plan 2015

Remember the TSPLOST vote of 2012 on the TSPLOST (Plan 2010)? Dead, right?


Think again, it is very much alive, as is its offspring, Plan 2015.

Plan 2010 set up the Roundtable and procedures for establishing which projects would and would not be funded by the TSPLOST tax money.


The ARC was treated differently than the other eleven RC's. Among other things, it gave Atlanta an additional vote, meaning Fulton County Mayors had two instead of just one.


For the ARC, It alloted 85% of the tax money for Regional Constrained Projects and 15% for Local projects.All the other RC's had an 80/20% split.


 All Projects had to match the Criteria to be allowed and on the Constained List to be funded.


I was elected by a 3-2 vote of the County Mayors to be on the Roundtable. Then when some key people on the ARC wanted me off because I opposed the tax because it forced inclusion by counties and cities that didn't want it. Three Mayors removed me and replaced me with a tax friendly Mayor.


When the final Roundtable vote occured, it was unanimously with the Fayete Reps not present. They were up for election, but lost anyway.


Do not make the mistake of thinking there are not elected in the County that support transit in Fayette. There most assuredly are.


But I kept working against the tax. I provided materials to those working against it and spoke against it at meetings of ARC Mayors and other elected. Also wrote letters and articles to the AJC and local papers.


Working with the head of GDOT, I got the Critieria changed to include golf cart paths. As well took Peachtree City from zero projects to five on the Unconstrained List with three making the Constrained List.


You can work against something while working to improve it at the same time. Just in case it passes, I saw no reason not to get the most possible out of it.


We would have paid far more tax than we ever recouped locally. Just as we would today.


There are those in the ARC who are determined to get Mass Transit, even if the Legislature has to mandate it.


In the November 7, 2014 AJC, on page A1 there is an article on a survey. In the following a closer look is taken to examine claims.

They open with transportation being the number 1 issue, implying a majority concern. Well, 24% is hardly a major concern with 76% not agreeing.


Then they say Mass Transit is the number 1 desired solution of the 24% without telling exactly how many. So, the bottom line number wanting Mass Transit is actually pretty small contrasted with everyone living in the ARC.


For Fayette, it really does not tell us anything about who wants Mass Transit. No one likes traffic congestion, but saying 25% see it as the main concern, meaning 75% do not.


Since the rest of the article dwells on Mass Transit, it makes it very clear Mass Transit was the agenda of the article.


The efforts to fund transit and other transportation projects continue to this day. The AJC assigns a portion of the paper, on  a weekly basis to the subject. The ARC has devotes a massive portion of its website, time and effort to transit planning projects, legal efforts, etc.


So, when Chairman Steve Brown said, at that time, the transit issue was laid to rest for Fayette, due to his work while still on the ARC Board, don't believe him.


Nor is Plan 2010 dead. It states it can be brought up again after three years. We are at the three year mark and is back, this time with Plan 2015 being passed by the Legislature and added to the effort.


You can find HB 277 (Plan 2010) here.


Plan 2015 has the same goals, but with a different approach.


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