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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:40 AM EST

Plan 2040

Plan 2040 is the foundation for Plan 2010, Plan 2015, Concept 3 and other issues relating to what the ARC is attempting to do.


It is also the spring board of efforts to create a Regional Government.

From the ARC website:

PLAN 2040 Regional Agenda Principles

  • Building compact development in existing communities with integrated land uses that will minimize travel distances and support walking, cycling and transit.
  • Increasing housing, services, and employment opportunities around transit stations.
  • Providing a range of housing choices to accommodate households of all income levels, sizes and needs and to ensure that workers in the community have the option to live there.
  • Protecting the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods, while also meeting the needs of the community.

ARC is dedicated to unifying the region's collective resources to prepare the metropolitan area for a prosperous future. It does so through professional planning initiatives, the provision of objective information and the involvement of the community in collaborative partnerships.


The Livable Communities Initiative pushes this in its planning. Atlanta Mayor Reed has actually stated he wants people to move into and grow the Metro region.


With time it is my firm belief you will see more attempts by Atlanta to grow via annexaton. As well as a continued push to create an Regional Government.


Looking at the following map, taken from the ARC site showing the area it wants to Unify, there is no way possible to preserve the character, community and wants of residents.