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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:40 AM EST

Train, Bus, Auto, Truck, Etc

Many of the issues associated with transportation are covered in other articles. The goal here is to pull all the pieces together for an overview and clearer picture.

The following maps show exactly what and where is being talked about for where all the transporation would go.


It is key to remember these issues do not end at the border of the Ten County ARC area. They connect into issues under the State Transportation plans.


Rail routes are planned and wanted for connections to places like Chatanooga, Savannah, Macon, Griffin and more. Some will  go through Peachtree City, where there will be a train station on Huddleston.


There will also be a bus terminal in Peachtree City on Huddleston.


If anyone tries to tell you Fayette is out of Concept 3, just remind them GRTA has already moved in. Remind them the pro transit groups and State have not changed their goals either. And remind them Plan 2040 is still there. And remind them on the newer Concept 3 maps they simply stopped the lines entering Fayette, they did not reroute to avoid Fayette. That means it is all one vote away from going back to the original map.


The two truck routes through Fayette on 74 and 85 are planned to be widened all the way to Colombus. The Peachtree City Industrial Park has already been designated to be a heavy freight area of concern.


If the old I-485 outer loop plan is tried again, it will impact Fayette. Under one plan it would actually use 54 as a segment. So, think about that in connection to the road widening that is going on.


Most assuredly there are groups in both Atlanta and Georia that are working on achieveing these goals. They are very active with the ARC and State Legislators.


Truck Routes


Concept 3 Orginal Plan