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Thursday, February 22 2018 @ 05:57 AM EST

ARC Regional Government

The other articles in this Topic Section get into the details of Plan 2010, Plan 2015, Plan 2040 and provide maps of Concept 3, Truck Routes etc. So that material will not be repeated here.


This is about the desire to combine all the cites and counties in the ARC area, as shown in the map below, into one government.

I was initially on the Roundtable working on the execution of the plans, etc for Plan 2010 to be voted on in 2012.  


The first meeting did not begin with a discussion on whether this was a good idea at all and how to proceed. It began with the presentation of the marketing effort that was going to persuade the voters to pass the TSPLOST.


The focus was primarily Atlanta and secondarily the five Core Counties.


The Metro Chambers of Commerce were supporters. The Fayette Chamber was a sponsor of 'Untie Atlanta.'


During this time there was also an effort to consolidated all the cities and counties under one government. The claim was there being so many it was unwieldy and nothing good would get done with so many different points of view.


Just as you see in the other articles, the push and want for this has not disappeared. Nor has the legal basis  It has simple become more behind the scenes.


Therefore, we in Fayette must be aware of the plans to increase the population of Fayette by three or four fold is still there.


That population increase requires a change to high density housing and adding buses (GRTA is already here) etc. Which in turn will justify adding commuter rail.


Nor are consolidations a new idea or illegal.



List of consolidated city-counties:

  • Anaconda, Montana and Deer Lodge County, Montana
  • Athens, Georgia and Clarke County, Georgia
  • Augusta, Georgia and Richmond County, Georgia
  • Broomfield, Colorado and Broomfield County, Colorado
  • Butte, Montana and Silver Bow County, Montana
  • Columbus, Georgia and Muscogee County, Georgia
  • Denver and Denver County, Colorado
  • Hartsville, Tennessee and Trousdale County, Tennessee
  • Honolulu and Honolulu County, Hawaii [3]
  • Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana--Not completely consolidated; four communities within Marion County retain separate governments.
  • Jacksonville, Florida and Duval County, Florida--Four cities within Duval County retain separate governments; all other rural land is incorporated by Jacksonville, preventing any annexation by them or new cities.
  • Juneau City and Borough, Alaska
  • Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County, Kansas--are part of the "Unified Government" which contains Kansas City, Kansas, Bonner Springs, Kansas and Edwardsville, Kansas. The "Unified Government" retains a county relationship with other communities within its borders.
  • Lafayette, Louisiana and Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
  • Lexington, Kentucky and Fayette County, Kentucky
  • Louisville, Kentucky and Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • Lynchburg, Tennessee and Moore County, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee and Davidson County, Tennessee--Not completely consolidated; six communities within Davidson County retain separate governments, although all participate in the metropolitan government in a two-tier system.
  • New Orleans and Oreleans Parish, Louisiana
  • City of New York and:
    • New York County, New York (Manhatten)(Note that New York County was for many years coextensive with New York City. When the five-borough "Greater New York" was created in 1898, New York County became coextensive with the two boroughs of Manhattan and The Bronx, while the other three boroughs became separate counties within the city. In 1915, Bronx County was separated from New York County, which from that point on coincided with the borough of Manhattan, reverting to its territorial extent before the annexation of portions of what had been Westchester County in the 1890's.)
    • Queens County, New York (Queens)
    • Kings County, New York (Brooklyn)
    • Bronx County, New York (Bronx)
    • Richmond County, New York (Staten Island)
  • Philadelphia and Philadelphia County,Pennsylvania
  • San Francisco and San Francisco County, California
  • Sitka City and Borough, Alaska
  • Yakutat City and Borough, Alaska


Potentially consolidated governments

  • El Paso, Texas and El Paso County, Texas [7]
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana and Allen County, Indiana
  • Houma, Louisiana and Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
  • Montgomery, Alabama and Montgomery County, Alabama
  • Toledo, Ohio and Lucas County, Ohio

Many cities around the United States are considering merging their governments with the county that comprises them. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York are among these cities.





The bottom line here is this is not a time to be complacent and simply assume it is not going to happen.


We do have people in elected office who do support major rail and bus in Fayette with stations in Peachtree City on Huddleston.