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Saturday, October 21 2017 @ 12:44 AM EDT

Some Historical Review

In looking for something else I stumbled across this from 2013.
No, Fairburn was not willing to work with us, as is easy to see what they are building in that area. Again Brown making false claims.
If Coweta did not want the ramps he would not support them?
Reality check here, who was and is he representing? Fayette or Coweta?
Plus GDOT said the ramps are a good idea and something they would look at after 74/I-85 interchange was complete.
Now he is bogged down with the widening of 54 and McDonough Rd. Neither of which we can stop since they are State Roads with McDonough destined ti be a highway.
Plus he is worried about how 54 will be dealt with through Fayetteville and wants the County to intervene.
I was a Councilman when 74 was widened through PTC. So, I can tell you what happens in Fayetteville is their concern, not the County's, and GDOT will tell Fayetteville what is going to happen, not ask.
Next election, someone who actually represents District 3 and Fayette needs to be elected. Right now all we have is someone playing power games for his own benefit.