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Saturday, October 21 2017 @ 12:41 AM EDT

Brown Traffic Claims

As has been stated several times before, GDOT will be widening highway 54 and McDonough Road.  At the February 23 Commission Meeting Commissioner Brown took issue with the widening. 

   You can watch that agenda item here starting at 1:56:30. You can also readThe Citzen and Fayette County News coverage.


   I am not going to restate everything said, but there are some additional details.



I was a Councilman when they widened 74 through Peachtree City.  GDOT did not consult with us nor care when objections were made by the citizens.  When we proposed changes they would answer us. But did not respond to demands.


   The County was silent because it was not in their jurisdiction, just as this widening is not County.


   In this widening the county utility lines will be moved either by the County or by GDOT, who then will bill the County.  There's nothing Brown can do to stop it.


   It will impact Fayetteville, Peachtree City and the county portions of 54 in-between. The 54 widening goes from Jonesboro to McDonough Road.  That in turn connects to the already widened 54 from Fayetteville all the way into Coweta.


   Note Brown does not talk about Peachtree City.  Even though he is the District Three Commissioner from Peachtree City. Very disappointing.


   He displayed ARC maps and talked about what this would do to 54, but only as related to Fayetteville.


   Why is that?  Is it because as Mayor of Peachtree City he wholeheartedly supported the widening of 54 through Peachtree City?  In spite of being repeatedly warned it would create a developer corridor, which it did.


   He blames the 54 congestion on prior administrations who rezoned industrial to residential.


   Further, the retail development in West Village was done when he was Mayor.  At which time he did handshake agreements, not written ones.  Unfortunately, developers did not live up to those agreements, which shows he does not understand Land Planning as he keeps claiming.



   He also said when he was Mayor, the only solution to the 74/54 intersection was the split grade proposed with him in the lead, in 2004.

   In 2009 Counci rejected that plan.  It destroyed The Avenues, Westpark and Marketplace. As well, once traffic exits the intersection, 74 and 54 still would still have the same number of cars and the same congestion issue. He tries to claim widening 54 didn't cause any congestion and now blames the Green T.  


   Brown also claims the fixes at 74/I-85 will fix the traffic issues on 74, including 74/54. But that is false. The same amount of traffic will be on 74. Much of it from Coweta.


   GDOT says that the proposal I put on the table for ramps from Fischer to I-85 will give Peachtree City a lot of traffic relief.  Brown says it is not gonna happen because Coweta does not want it.


   Well, GDOT owns I-85 and the land where the ramps would go.  So Coweta could not prevent it.

   So who is Brown representing, District 3 and Fayette or Coweta? After all, Coweta is a major source of the congestion.


   I have met with GDOT and have never seen evidence for his claimed great relationship with them,  or with Fairburn.


   Where is the representation of District Three by Brown?  Sure seems to me he he is far more concerned with what Coweta wants than us.  That he is far more concerned with his power and status than anything else.

   Distict Three deserves better.