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Saturday, October 21 2017 @ 12:44 AM EDT

Brown on WASA


As far as running for office goes, Steve did run on term limits.


I will kick in as well, my current plan is to run for District 3 next year.


Some other food for thought on WASA is:


State Law for sewers run by a government and by an authority are very, very different. So that needs to be factored in when making a decision. The costs and requirements are not the same.


As well, the 200 foot State Law that strips the ability to deny a sewer connection. It can turn sewer loose in the County and out of County.


Just saying be careful.

Edit to add:

Dissolve WASA and create a new authority.  One that is required to get council approval for anything going outside the city.


Dan Cathy brags about creating a new urban city called Pinewood Forrest.  He wants to bring density to Fayette.  Wants to bring mass transit.

Fayetteville wants the commission to allow sewer into the county.

People did not move here for urban living. But giving Wasa, Cathy and Fayetteville will turn us into a county like Cobb and Gwinett.

Steve Brown said, "If the leadership is unwilling to address our most important local issues and offer significant solutions, then significant changes in leadership are required. It makes no sense to go speeding down a road that we know dead-ends in a steep cliff." to which I agree.