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Sunday, January 21 2018 @ 05:41 AM EST

Dangerous Intersections

For some the answer is traffic lights, some roundabouts and some 4-way stops.

Reality is GDOT will not approve either just anywhere.  Warrents must be met and the county simply cannot afford to put them everywhere.


Currently some are demanding traffic lights or a roundabout be installed at Goza and Antioch.  But are either needed?  Will they really solve anything?

Fact is traffic lights get run all the time.  And contrary to what some think, so do roundabouts.

There are many places in Georgia and other states that have had similar problems.  But the location did not have the traffic to justify the traffic light or roundabout.  The solution was a four way stop was serious rumble strips, strips that to put your car in the garage if you tried to fly over them.  And, as needed, flashing warning signs.

Nobody can ignore this setup. Take a look here