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Saturday, October 21 2017 @ 12:41 AM EDT
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Dangerous Intersections

For some the answer is traffic lights, some roundabouts and some 4-way stops.

Reality is GDOT will not approve either just anywhere.  Warrents must be met and the county simply cannot afford to put them everywhere.


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Planterra/54 Intersection

Who does this benefit?


There are already two eastbound turn lanes from Walmart onto 54.


On the Planterra Way side, does this do anything other than encourage cut through traffic?


Am I missing something after all the bragging and empty promises about the Green-T at Line Creek?

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Clayton 2012 54 Corridor Zoning

Please note how this ties in with the TSPLOST and ARC plans also posted on this website. As well the current widening of 54.


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Brown Traffic Claims

As has been stated several times before, GDOT will be widening highway 54 and McDonough Road.  At the February 23 Commission Meeting Commissioner Brown took issue with the widening. 

   You can watch that agenda item here starting at 1:56:30. You can also readThe Citzen and Fayette County News coverage.


   I am not going to restate everything said, but there are some additional details.



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Some Historical Review

In looking for something else I stumbled across this from 2013.
No, Fairburn was not willing to work with us, as is easy to see what they are building in that area. Again Brown making false claims.
If Coweta did not want the ramps he would not support them?
Reality check here, who was and is he representing? Fayette or Coweta?
Plus GDOT said the ramps are a good idea and something they would look at after 74/I-85 interchange was complete.
Now he is bogged down with the widening of 54 and McDonough Rd. Neither of which we can stop since they are State Roads with McDonough destined ti be a highway.
Plus he is worried about how 54 will be dealt with through Fayetteville and wants the County to intervene.
I was a Councilman when 74 was widened through PTC. So, I can tell you what happens in Fayetteville is their concern, not the County's, and GDOT will tell Fayetteville what is going to happen, not ask.
Next election, someone who actually represents District 3 and Fayette needs to be elected. Right now all we have is someone playing power games for his own benefit.
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SR 74 Study

Steve Brown brags about his role in the creation of the SR 74 Gateway Coalition.

I just want people to be aware it has actually accomplished nothing but talk.

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Letter to Editor: 54/74 Intersection

Once again the intersection of Ga. highways 74 and 54 has attracted attention and is in the news.


GDOT has proposed what they called a Continuous Flow Intersection to be built in 2020. Why this sudden willingness to work on the intersection?


The answer is simple: law requires every 10 years a new Transportation Plan be submitted and approved. The last was in 2010. I was part of that effort in 2008 and 2009.


At that time they proposed a split grade intersection with ramps — a disastrous plan that would have destroyed all three shopping centers and not solved the congestion in Peachtree City.


We on council voted no and the offers went away until now.


The key for GDOT is the federal government pays 80 percent of the costs. That is why GDOT proposed this plan and wants Peachtree City to pay $1 million. That is 20 percent of the $5 million total cost.


I call this new proposal the Non-Continuous Continuous Flow Intersection. That is because you have to stop. There’s nothing continuous about it. It adds lanes and two traffic lights. It makes ingress and egress to the shopping centers even harder and more complicated to navigate.


Go to donhaddix.com. There you will find an enlarged drawing of the plan that makes all the details much clearer and two animations that demonstrate how this type of intersection

works. Study those and you’ll see reaching your destination gets more difficult, not easier. Figure out exactly how you will get in and out of the shopping areas compared to now.

Notice nothing changes outside the intersection. So all the traffic issues on hwys. 54 and 74 remain the same.


Add to that, whenever the lights are retimed, as is currently GDOT’s answer, it gets harder to get on and off of the side streets. That is due to the increase in delay times on the side streets.


GDOT has long agreed with me there are no fixes within Peachtree City.


GDOT has also said MacDuff will probably make traffic worse, not better, as council claims.


GDOT liked my proposal to add ramps to Fischer from I-85 and agreed it would give significant relief by providing northbound traffic from Coweta with an alternative route that does not include Peachtree City.


Vanessa Fleisch, Kim Learnard and Eric Imker refused to back it.


Then Fleisch, Learnard, Mike King and Terry Ernst wasted around $300,000 on studies and plans that were useless. They refused to heed warnings about what we had learned in 2008 and 2009.


This council has acted as if they were the first to take these issues seriously and that they are smarter than anyone else. They claimed GDOT would pay for it all.


I said GDOT would not approve or pay for any of it, which has proven to be the case.


Just look at what that council did at Line Creek and on MacDuff to understand they have no idea what they’re doing.


Imker has also done damage. But that is a topic for another day.


With the holidays upon us Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Wishing you and yours all the best.

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The Citizen: 2020 54/74 Reconstrucion


Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020



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Enhanced 54/74 Drawing

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Non-Continuous Flow Video 1

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Non-Continuous Flow Video 2

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Chaos on 54

UPDATED 8-8-2015


For those who have not seen what Council is planning and pursuing on 54 in Wilkesmoor, it is within this article.


When I talked to GDOT about adding ramps to 85 from Fischer Road, they liked it. They said it was a project they would dig into deeper after finishing the 74/85 intersection. That it would pull Coweta commuter traffic to Atlanta out of PTC.


Learnard, Fleisch and Imker would not get behind it. They even tried to say Coweta didn't want it so it would not happen.

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Information on MacDuff Parkway

I am seeing some confusion on the MacDuff Extension. There are some who do not understand how it will connect to 74, what is meant by traffic calming devices, etc.


Having had dealings with the development in 2008 and 2009, on Council, after it being annexed by another Council in 2007, I am familiar.


So, here is some material to either clear things up or add to the confusion.

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MacDuff Area: History of Mishandling

In discussing the MacDuff area  today, we need to begin with a hard look at history of the big proposals in the West Village. One after the other have been seriously mishandled.
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Line Creek History - 2008 thru Now

With new people unaware of the history, reinvention by some with an agenda and other factors, a brief history of what has transpired at the Line Creek site is in order.
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