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1. Dangerous Intersections
For some the answer is traffic lights, some roundabouts and some 4-way stops. Reality is GDOT will not approve either just anywhere.  Warrents must be met and the county simply cannot afford to put them everywhere.  
on 09/17 02:44PM - Story - 26 Hits

2. Planterra/54 Intersection
Who does this benefit?   There are already two eastbound turn lanes from Walmart onto 54.   On the Planterra Way side, does this do anything other than encourage cut through traffic?   Am I missing something after all the bragging and empty promises about the Green-T at Line Creek?
on 08/10 11:55AM - Story - 48 Hits

3. Clayton 2012 54 Corridor Zoning
Please note how this ties in with the TSPLOST and ARC plans also posted on this website. As well the current widening of 54.   Highway 54 Design Guidelines
on 03/20 01:10PM - Story - 163 Hits

4. Some Historical Review
In looking for something else I stumbled across this from 2013.   No, Fairburn was not willing to work with us, as is easy to see what they are building in that area. Again Brown making false claims.   If Coweta did not want the ramps he would not support ...
on 02/26 08:31PM - Story - 329 Hits

5. Letter to Editor: 54/74 Intersection
Once again the intersection of Ga. highways 74 and 54 has attracted attention and is in the news.   GDOT has proposed what they called a Continuous Flow Intersection to be built in 2020. Why this sudden willingness to work on the intersection?   The answer is simple: law requires ...
on 12/20 04:28PM - Story - 972 Hits

6. The Citizen: 2020 54/74 Reconstrucion
  Peachtree City's Hwys. 54-74 intersection to be reconstructed in 2020    
on 10/29 11:00PM - Story - 243 Hits

7. Enhanced 54/74 Drawing
on 10/29 10:08PM - Story - 300 Hits

8. Non-Continuous Flow Video 1
[youtube:oVI3Ledw7mc width:970 height:546]
on 10/29 09:31PM - Story - 212 Hits

9. Non-Continuous Flow Video 2
[youtube:lt6yPHuDG2o width:970 height:546]
on 10/29 09:15PM - Story - 244 Hits

10. Chaos on 54
UPDATED 8-8-2015   For those who have not seen what Council is planning and pursuing on 54 in Wilkesmoor, it is within this article.   When I talked to GDOT about adding ramps to 85 from Fischer Road, they liked it. They said it was a project they would dig ...
on 06/27 04:58PM - Story - 217 Hits

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