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1. Spending
My policy is simple, explain to me why we need it and how we pay for it.
on 12/06 11:11AM - Story - 16 Hits

2. Welcome to My Website!
     Having bought our home in PTC 31 years ago, I have seen a lot of growth and change, both good and bad, in the County as a whole. Politically, the county has been divided into five districts.  Each has its own distinct characteristics and political leanings.  They range ...
on 12/06 10:00AM - Story - 1,398 Hits

3. Dangerous Intersections
For some the answer is traffic lights, some roundabouts and some 4-way stops. Reality is GDOT will not approve either just anywhere.  Warrents must be met and the county simply cannot afford to put them everywhere.  
on 09/17 02:44PM - Story - 45 Hits

4. Animal Shelter
This has become a major issue and my wife and I are angry about it.   Read about it here and here.  
on 07/14 06:49PM - Story - 186 Hits

5. Clayton 2012 54 Corridor Zoning
Please note how this ties in with the TSPLOST and ARC plans also posted on this website. As well the current widening of 54.   Highway 54 Design Guidelines
on 03/20 01:10PM - Story - 184 Hits

6. ARC and GDOT Concerns
With all the push by the ARC, GDOT, State and special interest groups. the following covers their ultimte goals and plans.   Contrary to the claims of some, Fayette will be heavily impacted and we really don't have a say if the wish to push forward. So we must be ...
on 01/22 10:45AM - Story - 253 Hits

7. What is a Regional Commission and the ARC?
Before discussing issues surrounding the Atlanta Regional Commission, what a Regional Commission (R C) is must be defined.   There is a lot of misunderstanding out there and the ARC, while powerful, would have you believe they are far more powerful than they are, in fact.
on 09/18 03:10PM - Story - 482 Hits

8. Plan 2010
Plan 2010 (HB 277)
on 09/15 02:58PM - FileMgmt - 229 Hits

9. Development Authority State Law
State Law authorizing a Development Authority to excercise powers a city cannot.
on 04/25 02:18PM - FileMgmt - 162 Hits

10. Learnard Letter To Jack Smith
Learnard Letter to Smith on Transit
on 02/15 07:18PM - FileMgmt - 224 Hits

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